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Our Goal

Arnos Group is a solid and experienced team of professionals that has one goal: to provide high quality services to our customers, wherever they are. We take on the most important and challenging tasks for large companies, financial institutions, and individuals to help them achieve their goals and solve the most complex and important issues in the legal, corporate and investment sectors, using unique technologies and solutions created by our group.


We believe that our approach to customers, detailed knowledge of the sector, the professional quality of our employees, and our international infrastructure gives us a significant competitive advantage.
Since its establishment, more than twenty years ago, our group of companies has recommended itself as a reliable and goal oriented team of professionals.

Our Services

Our professional activities can be divided into three main sectors: fiduciary, legal, and identifying and assisting clients in implementation of their investment projects. Based on our experience, consulting customers typically includes advice related to more than one of these sectors, which allows you to find the most effective and balanced solution.

To achieve the most effective results, we have created an extensive infrastructure, mainly in Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom, which empowers us to provide quality services around the world on the basis of knowledge of local features. All of our companies have the necessary licenses from the local regulatory bodies for the provision of respective services.

Lawyers, fiduciary and investment services    in Cyprus,   United Kingdom,   Dubai and other jurisdictions. Registered Agent for RAK International Corporate Centre (RAKICC) and RAK Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) in the United Arab Emirates.


To provide an expert opinion and efficient solutions for our customers, we have formed a team of experts, experienced lawyers and other professionals who are on the leading roles in their profession. Our group of companies has created a working environment, which allows effective learning, development, and knowledge management for all our employees. Working for Arnos Group requires global thinking, mobility, initiative and the ability to identify new opportunities in the global market.

In addition to being highly qualified, our specialists and experts have extensive experience in the industry.

Long term relationship

We believe that the different points of view enrich the culture of the company and help us to develop more integrated solutions for clients. We build long-term relationships with our customers and always offer the most effective solutions to their problems, allowing them to quickly adapt to changes in markets and legal regulation. The success and development of our business is defined by our clients’ success, and the work we carry out for them.

Investment in precious metals

Gold is one of the oldest and most fundamental financial instruments that existed long before the terms ‘investment’ and ‘finance’ have been developed. Today, physical gold is widely used as a tool for preservation of capital. In terms of economic benefits and financial attractiveness, physical gold tends to be especially popular in times of economic downturns and high volatility. Taking into account the global financial crisis of 2008, and the consequences that the world still faces today, investment in physical gold and other precious metals is on the rise and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.


Cyprus is recognized as the 5th Best country for immigration. Based on its key performance indicators, Cyprus was the only country in Europe, along with Switzerland, which came in the top five for the ‘Best Country for Immigration’ nomination, ahead of London, Madrid and even Monaco.


Petros Valko

Lawyer, CEO

Michail Valko

Head of compliance

Liliya Chaykovskaya

Head of accounting

Evangelos Stavrou


Marianna Papalexandrou

Head of
corporate department



Why move your business to UAE - advantages of Ras Al Khaimah companies

In December 2018, the British Virgin Island government passed the Economic Substance Act, 2018 which came into force on the 1st of January 2019. The new legislation imposes increased substance requirements for certain BVI legal entities, such as having adequate number of qualified employees in BVI, expenditure incurred in BVI, physical offices and premises on the territory of BVI, etc. Should the company fail to meet the legislative requirements for substance, penalties as high as USD 400,000 may arise.




As we informed you in our July newsletter, following the new regulations issued by Central Bank in connection to the so called “shell companies”, the business world is undergoing a series of changes over the course of the last decade, and as it was predicted by experts, more and more jurisdictions are changing their legislation to meet the requirements imposed by the Council of the European Union.



On the 1st day of October, 2019 section 16 of the Economic Substance Act, 2018 (“ESA”) came into force.

Under ESA, legal entities registered in the BVI and carrying on any relevant activities are required to satisfy economic substance requirements in the BVI as follows