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Investment in precious metals

Gold is one of the oldest and most fundamental financial instruments that existed long before the terms ‘investment’ and ‘finance’ have been developed. Today, physical gold is widely used as a tool for preservation of capital. In terms of economic benefits and financial attractiveness, physical gold tends to be especially popular in times of economic downturns and high volatility. Taking into account the global financial crisis of 2008, and the consequences that the world still faces today, investment in physical gold and other precious metals is on the rise and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future.

There are many benefits in investing in physical precious metals. Due to the precious metals being limited in nature, the demand is always higher than the supply, which results in the steady increase in value of the precious metals. This, in turn, makes physical precious metals one of the most secure assets despite the volatility of the financial markets.

There are many factors, which make purchase of precious metals an attractive investment in the current economic climate. The most significant advantage of investment in precious metals is the complete independence from the banking system. In light of the recent events, such as the deposits "haircut" in Cyprus banks, the independence of savings from the banking system provides additional security for investors' assets.

Arnos Group has developed a new investment service for its customers, which offers purchase of precious metals and secure storage facility in Switzerland. This unique opportunity allows clients to purchase quickly and securely one of the world's most popular commodities and store their assets in the most reliable vault in Switzerland.