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Legislation related to the litigation process includes rules and procedures used in the settlement of disputes in the legal framework. Legal process is often associated with cases of violation of legal rights, but litigation can arise in sort of situations, from disputed divorces to eviction procedures. Also, most people think of the court sessions as a synonym for litigation, but the process litigation begins long before the first witness called to testify.

The legal system is composed of two very different types of cases - civil and criminal. The offenses (criminal cases) are usually regarded as a violation against the state, and therefore persecuted by the state. Civil cases are usually disputes between individuals in relation to the legal obligations and commitments given to each other.

Although criminal and civil cases are different, many people often fail to realize that the same offense can lead to both criminal and civil liability.

In the event of litigation or a lawsuit against our customers, the experts of our lawfirm will help you identify and implement the most effective solutions, either through litigation, arbitration or other alternative methods of dispute resolution such as mediation and negotiations.