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Administrative and Public Law

Administrative and Public law affects all types of business activities which in any way fall under the conditions of compulsory control or regulation. It affects not only the companies that deal directly with the government, participating in large government projects, but also any business, the scope of which may be rendered less competitive as a result of new legislation or the direct or indirect government intervention.

This may include areas such as freedom of information, taxation, competition, procurement, health and safety, telecommunications, advertising, human rights, and any other area where businesses come into direct contact with the government.

Principles of doing business with entities subjected to Public law can differ from working with individuals, and the effect of regulation is always an important aspect of business life. This is even more important given the common course of governments around the world to reduce costs and to foster privatization and the sale of assets, increase of public-private partnerships, as well as the increase in public sector spending in some areas.

Legal advise for performance of financial transactions or litigation in our lawfirm is provided by the world-class experts in Public and Administrative law, with proven track record in a broad range of issues, including:

  • Administrative contracts

  • Freedom of information

  • State-owned assets

  • Human rights

  • Permits and licenses

  • Litigation under Public law

Our customers appreciate our direct and pragmatic approach. We work closely with our fiduciary department, corporate and property law experts, which allows us to provide in-depth advice and to take into account different dimensions of the issue.