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Cyprus is recognized as the 5th Best country for immigration. Based on its key performance indicators, Cyprus was the only country in Europe, along with Switzerland, which came in the top five for the ‘Best Country for Immigration’ nomination, ahead of London, Madrid and even Monaco. Cyprus owes this high rank to its favourable tax regime for new residents and flexible naturalization opportunities for investors.

The Cyprus legislature introduced the “Cyprus Investment Programme”, allowing individuals of good character who invest substantial sums in Cyprus to obtain Cyprus citizenship by investment. As Cypriot citizenship brings with it the considerable travel and visa benefits, with visa-free or visa on arrival access to 173 countries and territories, the programme has proved very popular.

What are the privileges of Cyprus citizenship? The main advantages are:

  • The ability to travel freely, to live and work in the EU;
  • Possibility for individuals and / or companies to provide their services in other EU Member States without any obstacles;
  • Cyprus is the major financial hub in the Mediterranean because of its favourable tax system and strategic location at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia;
  • The high standard of living, presence of reputable private schools, private health institutions, as well as one of the lowest crime rates in the EU

Arnos Group of companies offers unique professional migration services, helping clients in the preparation and filing of all the required documentation. In addition, we provide the full range of legal services and support to foreign investors through our affiliated law firm VK Law Services LLP, also part of the Arnos Group structure.

Our team of highly experienced professionals is always ready to advise clients on obtaining citizenship through investment in Cyprus, as well as handles residency issues of any category, based on the specific circumstances and requirements.