Physical office in the UAE ᐈ "Arnos"


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Physical presence in UAE

VK Law Consultancy FZE being member of Arnos Group has developed different solutions to provide the UAE companies, namely in Ras Al Khaimah, with a physical presence and conduct its business activities. Most popular features of this solution is tax residency in a country with zero tax rate and have the ability to do business as from any other non-offshore jurisdiction. UAE companies are recognized in many countries, as well as EU and many banks are willing to work with them, which is very important in the changing situation in the business world, de-offshorization and seriously reduced trust in offshore jurisdictions.

UAE strategic location is a bridge between Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. With over 200 nationals, 5 major airports, and 2 world class maritime ports, it is a gateway to a large and open market of well established trading links. UAE is defined by political and economic stability. Having a low-crime profile, it also enjoys financial and monetary stability with a sophisticated banking system and ample liquidity. The government of UAE has a consistent long commitment to liberal economic policies, built on a basis of leading-edge technologies and sound regulatory systems, with no exchange controls, quotas or trade barriers, corporate profit or personal income taxes. Businesses, operating or resident in the UAE, can benefit from the Double Taxation Agreements which the UAE concluded with most of its trade partners for the purpose of promoting its development goals.

By using our service, you benefit from:

  • Multi license companies;
  • Modern office premises fully equipped for the conduction of business, including communication lines, internet, etc.
  • Creation of residency for your company with possibility to receive tax residency certificate;
  • Tax residency certificates for individuals;
  • Recruitment of employees and assistance in obtaining residence / employment / investor visas for members, directors and staff of the company;
  • Qualified local resident directors with experience in corporate management;
  • Accounting, tax and legal services;
  • Bank account in local banks;

Our company offers competitive and flexible prices and offers service on a semi-annual, annual or long-term basis, which allows our customers to choose the most appropriate solution in terms of price and their business needs.