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Physical Office in Cyprus

Arnos Group has the infrastructure and resources necessary to provide the Cypriot companies with a physical office to conduct business activities. Main advantage of this service is the recognition of the tax residency of the company in Cyprus. This, in turn, allows you to enjoy the tax advantages provided in the international double taxation agreements (DTAs).

Recent amendments to the EU Directive regarding subsidiary companies has revoked the right to receive tax benefits of businesses, that do not carry out actual business activities in the EU and do not have a clearly defined economic goals. Thus the question of the physical presence of the company's is crucial to optimize taxation.

By using our service, you will receive at your disposal a fully functional office, in a full compliance with the requirements for recognition of the tax residency company, and in paricular:

  • Modern office with signs of doing actual business (space for staff, telephone and fax line, website and e-mail);

  • Company's staff;

  • A qualified directors with business experience;

  • Accounting services, tax and legal services in the country of incorporation;

  • A bank account in the country of incorporation;

  • Keeping the books, minutes of meetings and other documents of the company in its country of registration.

Our company offers competitive and flexible prices and offers service on a semi-annual, annual or long-term basis, which allows our customers to choose the most appropriate solution in terms of price and their business needs.