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Merchant Accounts

Arnos Group offer services for opening of a Merchant Account, which operates 24/7 and may receive funds transferred by your customers via credit cards for purchasing of goods and use of services.

We offer our customers the opportunity to increase the effectiveness of their online business by opening of the Merchant Account. This special account type will allow your customers to conveniently pay using credit cards, via any computer with Internet access, and it does not depend on time and location. Merchant Accounts work with all major credit and debit cards, and electronic cheques, which will inevitably increase the number of sales and ensure the development of our client business.


Merchant Account is basically an agreement between our client business, the bank and the credit cards processing center. Under this agreement the funds provided for the payment or purchase of client goods or services are transferred directly to the client’s credit card of the specific own bank account. Merchant Account is easily set-up and merged with the business website of the client and quickly connects with any hosting provider. If desired, you can issue electronic invoices without any special adjustments for your website.


Confidentiality and security of client money and credit card information is certainly paramount in any e-business venture. We offer a special protection system server equipped with specialized credit card identification programs that do not save or store card details for further security. A transaction is conducted through the automatic connection to the bank interface, which checks the availability of funds and returns results to the seller/merchant's website. In this way, we provide our client customers the most secure e-payment system today, part of which is its code protection level and confidence.


By combining our capabilities with the services of our partners we guarantee 100% success of client online business. Today, online electronic payment systems are found to be more reliable than credit cards machines. Online payment usually does not require manual credit card data entry. The proposed online payment system is constructed in such a way that the most time and cost consuming steps of e-commerce organization are undertaken by us for our clients, making e-commerce and business even more convenient and efficient for our clients.