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Bank Accounts

Upon registering a new company, clients usually seek a new bank account for the company. Throughout the years of experience Arnos Group successfully cooperates with reliable banks around the world. We assists clients with filling out bank forms and preparation of the required documents for the successful and smooth account opening process.


  • Opening of corporate bank accounts in reliable banks worldwide

  • Opening of personal bank accounts

  • Account management and execution of payment orders in accordance with instructions of the account holder (our client)

  • Opening of merchant accounts and connecting to the electronic payments system


Today the business world revolves around more than 5,000 banks, but not all of them can guarantee 100% confidentiality and security of funds. Our company may offer its bank recommendation services for our clients, helping to choose the most appropriate and reliable banking institution. Our team members will certainly help clients with any bank documents and filling out special forms, making the whole bureaucratic procedure of bank account opening smooth and flawless for our clients. In addition, we cooperate with banks operating by the highest risk system standard.


Arnos Group covers full bank account opening assistance for its clients, from the beginning stages, by collecting and delivering all the necessary documentation to the bank, till completion stage, when the client is given full access to own or company account. Our experienced staff members offer 24-hour assistance to clients to answer any account management queries.


The account holder can manage the account on his own or appoint a trustee to manage the account. The account is managed remotely, i.e., via the Internet, fax, email correspondence or by phone. The bank may also issue credit/debit cards at the clients request. Account operations are carried out immediately by the bank, once clear and legible client instructions are received.


Arnos Group of companies works with most reputable banks globally, and confidentiality is maintained legally by contract with the clients. These contracts are registered with unique identification codes designed by the bank individually for each client. Therefore, unauthorized access to the customer's account is purely impossible. The bank sends the identification codes directly to the client in a sealed envelope by courier. At receipt the customer is obliged to activate the account and keep the code in a secure place.