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Although, the judicial system in the United Arab Emirates is based on the British law, unlike United Kingdom and other countries where the judicial system is based on common law, court judgements in the UAE, mainly, do not depend on legal precedents; however, sometimes the judgments of higher courts can be applied by lower courts in similar cases.

Other law systems of significant influence are the Islamic, French, Roman and Egyptian laws. The UAE legal system is based on the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates - a system is dual in nature as it has local and federal courts with a Supreme Court based in Abu Dhabi.

Islamic jurisprudence is also widely used in the construction and interpretation of the UAE law, and when legislative provisions do not cover a specific issue, the court will make a decision in accordance with Sharia law.

The Emirati law is also influenced by the obligations with which the United Arab Emirates comply based on the signed international conventions in accordance with the International Law.

When a lawyer in the UAE is called upon to provide legal assistance to his client, for foreign citizens, he also assumes the role of a mentor who introduces the student to the peculiarities of doing business in a new environment. In the Emirates, it is necessary to observe not only state laws, but also centuries-old traditions of communication, the violation of which can lead to unpleasant consequences up to the refusal of cooperation. For example, a foreigner not accustomed with the local culture should to be aware of some of the following punishable offenses in the Emirates, such as:

  • Dress code violations
  • Adultery
  • Homosexuality
  • Public Display of Affection
  • Verbal abuse pertaining to a person's sexual honour
  • Alcohol consumption by Muslims
  • Consumption of alcohol by non Muslims without Alcohol License.
  • Drunk-driving.
  • Abortion, with exception where a woman's life is at risk or the unborn child has a fatal genetic condition.
  • Cheque bounces
  • False allegations crimes
  • Swearing online through messaging applications and social media.
  • Blasphemy
  • Apostasy from Islam (punishable by death)
  • Publicly eating, drinking, or smoking between sunrise and sunset during the month of Ramadan, with exceptions for pregnant women and children.

Therefore, a good lawyer in the UAE prepares the client for compliance with all conventions, suggests norms of behavior in specific situations, and, if necessary, corrects the situation and gives advice for the future. Responsibility for breaking the laws in Dubai is very strict, and this also needs to be clarified to a foreigner who wants to do business here and make a profit.

The investment attractiveness of the region is high, and the legislator makes every effort to raise it even more, but the punishment for non-compliance with the established rules may seem too harsh. The lawyer's duty is to convey this information and secure the principal.

When choosing a lawyer in UAE, one should take into account not only his ability to operate with the norms of law. It is important for the client to build a trusting relationship with the representative, only in this case cooperation will be fruitful.

Our company, by providing you the opportunity to hire a lawyer in the UAE, is distinguished by yet another quality - knowledge of several languages, thanks to which communication with clients is possible without intermediaries, which is also important. The lawyer's status presupposes the preservation of everything heard in confidentiality. We perfectly understand the needs of both local and foreign clients, and make sure that the quality of our legal and consulting services meets the highest standards and requirements of modern business and offer a full range of consulting services and business management in the fields of commercial law, real estate operations, banking law, criminal law, construction and intellectual property.

By hiring us, you can get support in the following issues:

  • Legal advice on criminal, civil, commercial, administrative, corporate, family law of the UAE.
  • Help protect consumer rights.
  • Protection from unfair activities of partners, employees and unlicensed consultants.
  • Requests to receive information from government agencies through power of attorney.
  • Registration of new companies in the Free Economic Zones or structural changes in existing companies and further legal support on a contract basis.
  • Registration of offshore companies and further administration as a registered agent or provision of local management support.
  • Legal assistance with initiation of criminal cases and advisory support in existing cases.
  • Preparation of materials for civil claims and assistance in the selection of local lawyers, if necessary, appeal to the courts of the UAE.
  • Legal services to legalize the decisions of the UAE Courts and foreign courts for the purpose of their consideration by the UAE courts, including through Interpol.