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International Arbitration

International Arbitration is a method of alternative dispute resolution throught the means of a legally binding and enforceable decisions between companies or individuals in various countries.
To participate in the Arbitration procedure, the parties shall express their consent. The agreements  with your business partner could include specific terms and provisions, so that the potential disputes will be resolved by one or more arbitrators, instead of the standard litigation process.
The main advantage of international arbitration is that the decisions, in most cases, is more likely to be recognized in most countries of the world, than the decisions of national courts. The reason for this is a treaty called the New York Convention. International arbitration also has other advantages:
  • Avoidance of certain jurisdictions/national courts
  • Flexibility of procedures
  • Selection of Arbitrators
  • Confidentiality and Privacy
  • Neutrality
Through the process of International Arbitration, the parties have greater freedom to decide the arbitration procedure. This can have a positive impact, both on the cost of arbitration, and the required time to achieve results.
Our group of companies has licensed arbitrators with extensive professional experience in the field of international arbitration. Our goal is to make every effort to achieve a successful outcome for our customers and provide the best value for money and quality of legal services.